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Technical Sheet

VINEYARD AREA :  3 hectares in grouped plots.

SOIL AND LOCATION :  50% on sandy topsoil and clay subsoil. 

50% on highly concentrated clay top and subsoil.   

VARIETALS : 50% merlot - 50% cabernet franc.

AGE OF VINES35 years.

VINEYARD PRACTICES : Grass set up in the middle of the row. Sustainable agriculture. Leaves thin out in July ; green harvest in August for strict grapes selection. Manual harvesting.

WINE MAKING : Grapes are sorted out on tables, then destemmed, put to ferment, one half in thermoregulated inox vats, another half in 4 hectoliters wood barrels ; cold pre-fermenting maceration. Fermentation in wood barrels is offering smooth and elegant tanins, complex aroma and perfect fruit integration with wood.

AGEING : 12 months' maturation ; 100% in barrels including two third of new oaks.

BOTTLING : Bottled at the Château. Available in wooden or carton cases of 6 or 12 bottles.  

Château Rosalcy