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The Family

In 1735 our ancestor,
      Barthélémy Petit,
       a winegrower...

on the slopes of the Juine at Chalo Saint Mrs in Ile de France, handed down to posterity his taste for wine.

In is grandfather Fernand’s cellar and at the family table, François PETIT learnt how to appreciate the wine from our terroirs.

A hard-working farmhand in Rosay in Eure-et-Loir, he always nurtured his love of wines and the vine. He spent twenty years visiting vineyards, making then shelving plans, until finally on a spring day in 1998 his insight led him to create Tournefeuille in the Lalande de Pomerol appellation area.

Then Emeric PETIT, his wine-loving son, took over the estate.

The Petit family were joined by a childhood friend of François’, Francis CAMBIER, who had always believed in their project.

They all bring a new vision to wine-growing, without abandoning their country roots, experience and their values, which could be summed up in the phrase :

“Tournefeuille  wine  is  the  fruit  of  patience  and  equilibrium”.